Our lobby opens 15 minutes prior

to the first class of the day or evening

for client check-in and class set-up. 

SUNDAY 8:45-11:15a

MONDAY 9-10:15a / 5-8:15p

TUESDAY 9-11:15a / 5-8:15p

WEDNESDAY 9-10:15a / 5-8:15p

THURSDAY 9-11:15a / 5-7:30p

FRIDAY 9-11:15a

SATURDAY 6:45-10:15a

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Please note, while classes are not in session, personal trainings, massage and/or acupuncture may be in session and we kindly ask that this time is respected and these services are not interrupted. 


Thrive Fitness & Wellness Studio, LLC

Westminster Gateway Business Center

1030 Baltimore Blvd. Suite 160

Westminster, MD 21157 




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Massage Therapy Services
with Angeline Morland, LMT & Liz Miller, LMT
30 Minute Custom Massage $45 (Monthly Unlimited Members $40)
60 Minute Custom Massage $80 (Monthly Unlimited Members $70)
90 Minute Custom Massage $110 (Monthly Unlimited Members $100)
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage $125 (Monthly Unlimited Members $115)
**Cash tips preferred but never expected**
Monthly Unlimited Members can take advantage of 10% off
a 30, 60 or 90 Minute Custom Massage during your birthday month!
Custom Massage Therapy with Angeline Morland, LMT
Choose from the following modalities to customize your massage to best suit your needs...
Swedish Massage: Also known as a “traditional” massage, this massage is known for its relaxing quality. It uses long, connected, smooth strokes with light to firm pressure, along with “kneading”, friction, and tapping. It is an effective massage for most ailments.
Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is not designed to provide deep pressure over the entire body, but rather to address and relieve specific areas of severe tension in the muscle and/or connective tissue (fascia). It is often used in conjunction with Swedish massage, or during a shorter, targeted session.
Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger point therapy addresses specific points of tension (“knots”) that often radiate pain or are the source of pain within a body segment. The trigger point is addressed through the application of isolated pressure and release, accompanied by deep breathing.
Myofascial Release: This technique manipulates the fascia, or connective tissue, to release the adverse effects of trauma, injury, or chronic postural misalignment.
Structural Integration: Like myofascial release, this technique is also a manipulation of the fascial planes to correct postural misalignments within the body.
Foot Massage: Available as part of a custom massage or as a focused 30 minute session, foot massage combines relaxation techniques similar to Swedish massage with the principles of Reflexology and “the map of the foot” to affect the entire body.
Prenatal Massage: Performed in the side-lying position to support circulation in both mother and baby, prenatal massage is a safe and effective way to address the daily discomforts of pregnancy at all stages. Light to firm pressure is applied with unscented lotion to provide soothing comfort to mom as she awaits baby’s arrival.
Hot Stone Massage: Relax and ease tense muscles with hot stone massage therapy, offered in a 90 minute appointment option where smooth, flat, heated stones are used in combination with Swedish massage techniques and placed along the spine, stomach, chest, shoulders, hands, and feet to further promote stress relief and increase joint flexibility.
Contact Angeline or Liz or use our online scheduler to book your next massage from the appointments tab. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know at least 12 hours in advance so we may schedule a new time for you. Payment for massage is required no later than the day of service. HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Savings Account) payments accepted.