Our lobby opens 15 minutes prior

to the first class of the day or evening

for client check-in and class set-up. 

SUNDAY 8:45-11:15a

MONDAY 9-10:15a / 5-8:15p

TUESDAY 9-11:15a / 5-8:15p

WEDNESDAY 9-10:15a / 5-8:15p

THURSDAY 9-11:15a / 5-7:30p

FRIDAY 9-11:15a

SATURDAY 6:45-10:15a

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Please note, while classes are not in session, personal training and/or massage may be in session and we kindly ask that this time is respected and these services are not interrupted. 


Thrive Fitness & Wellness Studio, LLC

Westminster Gateway Business Center

1030 Baltimore Blvd. Suite 160

Westminster, MD 21157 




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Thrive offers a variety of classes to promote cross-training and keep your workouts exciting. You will notice our classes are not designated as "beginner" or "advanced" as any given exercise can be offered at lesser or greater intensity. Beginners are welcome to any class format; just let your instructor know if you have any physical concerns so we can offer you appropriate, alternative movements. We are excited about you training with us! Click HERE to print our JANUARY schedule and click HERE to view our flexible pricing options.

Kindly pre-register for all classes at Thrive, it guarantees your spot and equipment for the class, plus it informs us that

we have the minimum required participation to run each class and who to contact should we need to make a schedule change. 

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PLEASE NOTE: If you end up on a waitlist for a class, we will email and text you once a spot has opened up. Notifications are sent up until 2 hours prior to class starting. We never want you to be discouraged by a waitlist, we work hard to get you into class and we will never turn you away. 

5x5 - This small group training program is a 40 minute customized strength focused session with an emphasis on perfecting form, while tracking your progress to complete 5 different exercises of your choice in 5 sets of 5 reps at a nearly maximum load, utilizing barbells, weights, TRX, BOSU and/or the RIP Trainer. Single Session $20 (Monthly Unlimited Members have the option to purchase a Single Session for $15 or 3 Sessions for $39)


BARRE Above™ (Pronounced “bar") - Explore a barefoot training challenge that fuses low-impact, ballet-inspired moves with a variety of pilates, yoga and full-body muscle endurance strength exercises. You will see improvement in your posture, flexibility, overall body strength and balance from this Barre Above™ training method. No dance experience necessary.

CARDIO CIRCUIT - Get ready for a creative combination of cardio circuits inspired by athletic drills and skills so you always leave with a happy heart!


CYNERGY -  Enjoy the soothing combination of tai chi, yoga and pilates delivered in a relaxed setting. Restore balance to the mind and body in this barefoot, easy to follow class. Please bring your own full-size mat, 2 yoga blocks and a blanket, if possible.

​​GENTLE YOGA - Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or brand new, enjoy the opportunity to slow down and discover how yoga can be a great tool in building muscular strength and endurance, balance and flexibility - as well as soothe your aches and pains. Class concludes with a peaceful meditation to leave you feeling refreshed and refocused. Please bring your own full-size mat, 2 yoga blocks and a blanket, if possible.

GROUP BLAST® -  Experience a great cardio alternative to walking, running, or stair climbing because you will do it all: walk, jog, run, jump, plyometrics, balance drills, lateral drills, and quickness drills – all on and off The STEP – to exciting energetic music. With the many exercise options and the adjustability of The STEP, intensity is easily managed so anyone, from new to exercise to an athlete in training, will feel successful. Blast Express is a 45 minute version of the class - a great starting place for those new to Group Blast or have limited time!  


GROUP POWER® -  Group Power combines traditional strength exercises with effective functional training moves to make you fitter and stronger by using an adjustable barbell and your own body weight. High-rep training, athletic movements, and a periodized training approach are key components of this results-driven workout. Add to this dynamic and motivational music and it simply is the most fun you’ll have strength training. Get ready to find your personal best! Power Express is a 50 minute version of the class - a great starting place for those new to Group Power or have limited time!  

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - This small group training program is a 30 minute workout that includes the use of the water rower and features short, high intensity athletic intervals and challenges that improve muscular strength and endurance. Single Session $20 (Monthly Unlimited Members have the option to purchase 3 Sessions for $39)

RECOVERY CIRCUIT - Compliment your higher intensity workouts with a mind-body recovery circuit using a variety of equipment to assist in improving flexibility, release muscle tension, prevent injury, improve core strength and promote balance. Shoes optional.  

R.I.P.P.E.D. The One Stop Body Shock® - This program masterfully combines the best elements of fitness with a kickboxing focus to deliver incredible results. The workout focus changes every 6 to 9 minutes, allowing every muscle group to get a quick yet effective workout, as each fitness element is incorporated: resistance, interval, power, plyometrics, endurance and core.


SPINNERVALS - Combine short cardio intervals on the SPIN bike with strength training INTERVALS for a total body functional fitness challenge. 


SPINNING®  - The original 40 minute studio cycling program that will peak your cardiovascular endurance and keep you strong and ready for the road of life! Don't miss our specialty themed rides and monthly 60 minute endurance challenge!

SPIN + CORE - Enjoy 35 minutes of cardiovascular endurance training on the bike, followed by 15 minutes of core conditioning and flexibility training.


STABILITY BALL  - Get a full-body workout that combines cardio, strength and flexibility all-in-one class that generates posture improvements and a constant balance challenge.


STEP + CORE -  Challenge your mind and body with this easy to follow, guaranteed to sweat, freestyle step aerobics class that incorporates core conditioning and flexibility training into the cool-down.

STRENGTH CIRCUIT - Mix up your fitness routine with fun, high-energy, strength focused circuits, using a variety of equipment carefully selected by your instructor - no two classes are ever the same and no muscle groups left behind!


TRX® Suspension Training -  Train Your Body in 3-D! Suspension training utilizes body leveraging that challenges the body in multiple planes vastly increasing muscle function and athletic performance. Challenge is easily adapted simply by adjusting your body position. 

YOGA FUSION - This energetic, yoga flow class includes traditional body weight strength poses, plus the incorporation of another piece of equipment such as: resistance bands, stability balls, bender balls, BOSUs, TRX, etc. to challenge muscular endurance and improve bone density to compliment balance and flexibility training. Please bring your own full-size mat and a blanket, if possible.

UNLEASHED - Maximize your fitness potential with heart pounding heavy bag cardio boxing drills and functional training stations guaranteed to push your limits! Please BYOBG (bring your own boxing gloves).

ZUMBA® - This easy-to-follow, super fun workout mixes low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. It’s exercise in disguise! No dance experience necessary. 

**Don't forget to bring your workout essentials - sweat towel, water bottle and a smile**

Kindly Note: To ensure the convenience and effectiveness of MINDBODY reservations, clients are responsible for releasing their reservation(s) 2 hours before class start time. Monthly unlimited clients are given one “grace” absence per month and are subject to a $10 no show/late cancel charge per occurrence post-grace. Class package holders redeem a class from their package per no show and/or late cancel.