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(Right turn immediately after State Police Barracks on Northbound Rte. 140)

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Our Mission:

To fuel the passion for fitness in our community and inspire participants of every fitness level on their quest for optimal health by coaching, educating and encouraging them with the highest quality of instruction and service in a welcoming atmosphere.  To make the quest for a healthier lifestyle a fun and rewarding experience  so it is no longer a chore,  but a welcomed part of everyday living.


Thrive was designed for the health seeker who enjoys the special energy and inspiration of working out with live trainers or for the regular gym attender or athlete who wants to augment their routine with classes.  For folks who are just starting out and need some extra guidance.  For the young professional or senior citizen.  We are here to help dedicated athletes, such as runners and cyclists who need to compliment their rigorous outdoor training with quality strength programs such as GROUP POWER or TRX and Cynergy for flexibility.  For young athletes in their off season or in need of cross-training to maintain their fitness levels and prevent injury.


No. The concept of Thrive was born when it became apparent to founder and veteran fitness professional, Lynette Stupi, that so many in the Carroll area were searching for the structure and social enjoyment of group fitness but struggled to conveniently plug into any programs without being members of a gym they rarely used or were challenged by attending classes in less than ideal settings that took away from the experience or lacked consistency. In her 30 year career in the fitness industry,  she witnessed  many who felt confused by the sea of imposing gym equipment and overwhelmed by tracking reps and sets. 

Constantly on the cutting edge of fitness innovations & training, Lynette’s vision brings to Carroll County a unique fitness experience where clients are not only offered  exceptional service with high-demand results-proven programs,  but atmosphere and convenience that make exercise more inviting.   A place where people could make a “date” with themselves and commit to their fitness goals while being coached and encouraged by the areas top fitness professionals.  A place to  escape and enjoy the journey into a healthier lifestyle.  Not another gritty gymnasium or concrete floored multi purpose room - but a special location designed specifically for fitness classes and participant’s safety and comfort.  A studio that offers up-lifting experiences and improved well-being  through live instruction.

Just Classes?

Great fitness classes are just part of the picture. While many health clubs measure success in inches and pounds, there is another mission for Thrive:  to nourish the whole person, body & mind.  Living in a society that pushes our stress levels to the edge leave us exhausted and drained in need extra therapy.  Thrive compliments exercise with other offerings such as wellness coaching, personal and small group trainings, nutritional workshops,  nutritional and natural supplements,  massage & mind/body classes.  Our partnerships with area health practitioners will equip you with the best wellness resources so you can truly “Thrive!”

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